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Some Useful Articles on Ethics and Related Issues

1. M. Lala. The Business Ethics of JRD Tata
2. Tata: A Beautiful “Nationalist” Tree
3. Air India is Taking a Leaf out of JRD Tata’s book
4. Pandikattu. Ethics for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Issues
5. Pandikattu. Relationship between Success and Ethics
6. Narayana Murthi: Against Learning by Rote
7. Ethics of Future Innovations
8. Code of Ethics Protecting Women
9. Ethical Dilemmas in Daily Life
10. Biases in Bioethics
11. Down the Rabbit Hole of Ethics in Wonderland
12. Ethics of using AI in Scientific Manuscripts
13. Ethics of Humanity Going Extinct
14. Balancing Ethics and Education
15. Ethics of NIL (Name, Image or Likeness) at Notre Dame University
16. Narayana Murthy: Learning Ethics from China
17. Microsoft laid off its entire AI “Ethics and Society” division
18. UAE Announces New Code of ethics for Accountants and Auditors
19. Professionalism and ethics in engineering
20. An incremental approach to enacting a Supreme Court ethics code
21. Using virtual reality to teach ethics
22. The Ethics of Consumerism: Balancing Individual Desires and Societal Needs
23. When journals don’t meet their ethical guidelines, will anyone hold them accountable?
24. Politics & Ethics in the Mobilization of Social Science for National Security
25. Graduates asked to uphold best professional ethics
26. Five Steps to Get Students Thinking About Ethics
27. Three Things K-12 Educators Should Know about the Ethics and Use of AI in Education
28. Deleuze & Hume on Ethics and Knowledge: Three Important Arguments
29. Faculty, cyber law experts discuss generative AI’s ethics, regulations, hidden benefits
30. University librarians are divided over AI use and ethics: Survey
31. The Rome Call for AI Ethics: Should CIOs heed it?
32. MTU Institute for Policy, Ethics, and Culture Invites Discussion on the Changing Workplace
33. Ethisphere Announces the 2023 World’s Most Ethical Companies
34. Ethical Business Practices Attracting Multi-Generational Audiences
35. Why Companies Must Move Beyond Compliance To Manage With Integrity
36. Taking ESG to any SME [small and medium-sized enterprises]. Please note that Founder Stephan Rothlin had visited XLRI
37. Interplay of Islamic ethics and human rights
38. Fighting corporate lies
39. Jozef Opdeweegh: Ethical Decision-Making in Business
40. TC Energy: Code of Business Ethics
41. Doing Business the European Way: Ethics and Practices
42. Business ethics — the same ethics your parents taught
43. Beth Braccio Hering: 5 Reasons your organization needs to think about business ethics
44. GAN Integrity’s new Integrity Platform helps organizations elevate business ethics everywhere
45. IBM Impact: Making a Lasting, Positive Impact in Business Ethics, Our Environment, and Communities
46. “Strong Ethics Is Good Business” Said Mr Bhaskar Bhat On 30th JRD Tata Oration At XLRI Jamshedpur
47. Does Business Have an Ethical Responsibility to Help Save the Planet?
48. Why do people in good organizations do bad things?
49. How to Avoid the ‘Ethical Slide’ That Leads Companies Astray
50. Free Business Ethics Course Materials
51. Edelman CEO on Trust Barometer, Business Ethics
52. Five ethical issues in marketing to avoid
53. Why every entrepreneur needs to think about business ethics
54. Study says 73% of ESG controversies due to business ethics
55. Business Ethics: A New Era
56. Top 10 technology and ethics stories of 2022
57. How Getting Data Ethics Right Improves Business Outcomes
58. How to set ethical expectations as you start a business
59. UN experts praise Luxembourg’s commitment to implementing human rights principles
60. How Much Attention Should Your Business Give To Ethics?
61. 2023 Ethisphere Ethical Culture Report Reveals the Impacts of the Pandemic on Corporate Accountability
62. Capgemeni: Code of Business Ethics
63. Why Business Integrity Can Be a Strategic Response to Ethical Challenges
64. Let’s get ethical: Data privacy as an ethical business practice
65. Why You Need an AI Ethics Committee
66. TotalEnergies: Business ethics
67. Raj Das: Importance of practising environmental ethics in workplace
68. The Importance of Business Ethics
69. Air India Puts In Place Ethics Governance Structure
70. World’s most ethical companies of 2023 (Only one company from India!)

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